Our Payroll Charges 2020/21

The charging rates shown below are for the 2021/2022 tax year and are updated every 05 April. 

Please note: That we only provide a payroll service to clients where we are engaged to act as their Accountant. We are not a payroll bureau. 

Standard Payroll Processing Rates

Our standard payroll processing rates are:

  •  Weekly/2 Weekly – £15.00 for up to and including 5 employees with an additional £1.50 for every employee after the initial 5 employees.

  • Monthly/4 Weekly – £25.00 for up to and including 5 employees with an additional £1.50  for every employee after the initial 5 employees.

Our standard payroll processing rates include:

  • Processing the payroll with all provided updates and submitting all RTI (Real Time Information) data to HMRC

  • Processing Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay, Student Loan Deductions, all other statutory payments and any advised attachments of earnings

  • Processing tax code notifications from HM Revenue & Customs

  • Providing a choice of reports either by post or email

  • Providing detailed payslips for every employee

  • Providing information regarding any tax/NIC payments due to HM Revenue & Customs

We do not charge for the services below (Our competitors do!)

  • Processing new employee from P45, P46 or ‘New Starter Checklist’ 

  • Processing a leaver including producing the P45 

  • Payroll correction is charged for any corrections required 

Standard Workplace Pension Administration Rates

Our standard Workplace Pension administration rates are:

  • 0-5 employees – £5.00 per payroll processing period

  • 6-20 employees – £7.50 per payroll processing period

  • 21-35 employees – £12.50 per processing period

  • 36 + employees – Please contact us for price?

Our standard Workplace Pension administration rates include:

  • Assessing all employees in each payroll processing period, identifying different types of workers including those that are eligible to be opted in

  • Providing all statutory letters and notices for employees

  • Processing all opt out requested from the pension provider/employee

  • Calculating and applying employer and employee pension deductions

  • Updating pension provider with details of all pension deductions made

Additional Workplace Pension Administration Rates

The additional Workplace Pension administration rates are also fixed and are charged as and when work is undertaken.

  • Workplace Pension initial setup and compliance assessment – £25

  • ​​Workplace Pension correction is charged for any corrections required – No charge ​

Other Charging Rates

Any additional Workplace Pension related work that does not fall within the standard charges as listed above will be charged at an hourly rate of £30.00 per hour.

Before we undertake any work charged at the hourly rate, we will always contact you to discuss the additional fee.